All 15 Parish Councillors sit on the Full Parish Council (Chairperson Cllr L Pitchley, Vice-Chair Cllr M Elliott) in addition all 15 members sit on one or more of the committees as outlined below. There are 3 main Committees with 8 members on each.

In addition to the 3 main Committees there is a Newsletter Editorial Group. 

General Purposes

The General Purposes Committee (Chairperson Cllr D Knowles) takes on responsibility for 2 Burial Grounds; William Layne Reading Room; Parish Hall improvements and maintenance; grants to local organisations; and items pertaining to general administration.

D A Knowles (Chairperson)
                  (Vice Chairperson)
L Pitchley (PC Chairperson)                                     P Amrith
G B Davis
M Elliott
S Smith

Recreation and Open Spaces Committee

The Recreation and Open Spaces Committee (Chairperson Cllr R Taylor) takes on responsibility for 6 recreation grounds/parks (including play areas and football pitches); bowling green; allotments and garage sites; provision for young people; plus bonfire; competitions; Christmas decorations and the floral displays across the Parish.

R P Taylor (Chairperson)
B A Bartholomew (Vice Chairperson)
L Pitchley (PC Chairperson)
P Davis
S Forster
D H Gee
J E Peech
H Ratcliffe

Finance and Employment Committee

The Finance and Employment Committee (Chairperson Cllr J Peech) is responsible for Parish Council finance including ongoing monitoring of expenditure and overview of Audit requirements, plus all employment related issues including pay, conditions of service and training etc.

J E Peech (Chairperson)
B A Bartholomew (Vice Chairperson)
L Pitchley (PC Chairperson)
D H Gee
D A Knowles                                                               S Smith
R P Taylor