Welcome to Aston cum Aughton Parish Council website

Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council forms part of the Borough of Rotherham Metropolitan District in South Yorkshire. It has a population of around 15000 and is an independent corporate body originally created in 1894. The Parish of Aston-cum-Aughton comprises of Aston, Aughton, Swallownest and takes in the hamlets of Fence and Hardwick.

Aston-cum-Aughton's first Parish Council meeting took place on 31 December 1984. More parishes were created in 1974 following the Local Government Act 1972, when the previous middle tier of local government (urban and rural district councils) were dissolved. As the new borough and districts were larger, new parishes were created to ensure that communities still had a voice. Many of these new parishes were in urban areas.

A Parish Council is the first tier of local government and carries out a range of duties for the betterment of the local community. Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council comprises of fifteen councillors who are elected by residents every four years and give their time voluntarily. The Council operates on a committee basis, covering different aspects of Parish Council responsibilities. The Full Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month (not including August) at 6.30pm. Committee meetings are held throughout the year. Agendas are published several days in advance and are available on the website and in Parish noticeboards.

One key aim of this website is to promote openness and accountability in all aspects of the Council's business, if you cannot find information that you are looking for please contact us.